Sony Makes Money While You Sleep…

They are also probably eating your lunch out of the office fridge, got your girlfriend pregnant, and your mom secretly likes them better than you. They are like a malevolent clown doll that watches you while you sleep. One day, when you least expect it, it will strike when you are most vulnerable.

Sony, a massive company with a diverse product line competes with other large corporations to become your electronic gadget maker of choice. We all know this as this is nothing new.

You also may know that Sony has invents and manufactures a lot of technology that goes into various doodads. Some of Sony’s tech even goes into products manufactured by their direct competitors. The Blu-Ray player in the Xbox One for example, ensures that Sony gets a taste of the action for every console that Microsoft sells, just like Don “Black Hand” Fanucci from Godfather II.


He just wants to wet his beak.

This is not ground breaking news, but what I do find amazing is just how much revenue Sony brings in by selling components to its competitors. When the Xbox One was first introduced and it became known that it would sport a Blu-Ray drive, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter estimated that Microsoft would have to pay Sony $2 to $3 for every Xbox One sold to license the Blu-Ray drive.

Let’s assume that Microsoft pays Sony just $2.00 per console for the Blu-Ray license. Well that would translate $20 million if Microsoft sold 10 million consoles worldwide since launch, as they claimed back in November 2014. $30 million if Microsoft pays closer to the top end. In the end, it’s probably someplace in the middle, so let’s just say Sony made approximately $25 million from Microsoft since the Xbox One was launched, give or take a couple million. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

Now keep in mind, my math can be completely wrong in terms of how many actually Xbox One consoles were sold. I got my numbers from Wikipedia, which is quoting a Microsoft PR flak, so chances are good that my numbers are completely wrong. At the end of the day, it’s safe to say that Sony making millions off of Xbox One sales.

Sony is not just taking millions from Microsoft however. They also currently have Apple over a barrel. According to the Wall Street Journal and Fortune, “Sony is trying harder than ever to profit from other companies’ innovations, such as the iPhone 6. Each iPhone 6 contains two Sony-made image sensors and related parts, which generate revenue of as much as $20 per phone for Sony, analysts say. Earlier-generation iPhones had one Sony sensor apiece. The ‘selfie’ craze has strengthened Sony’s grip on the market.”

Apple sold 10 million iPhone 6 on its weekend. That’s a $200 million payday for Sony and that figure doesn’t include revenue from all other Apple product that may be using Sony technology, like older iPhones and iPads.

Kaz Hirai, who you may remember as the former of President of Sony Computer Entertainment and is now CEO of Sony stated in an interview with

“Whether it’s a device that goes into other manufacturers’ products or sometimes our own, if there’s innovation there… That’s something I get excited about.”

I imagine that he was tweaking his nipples when he said that.

Meanwhile, Sony makes its very own smartphones and tablets in the Xperia line, but why even bother when you can just ride on the coat tails of other manufacturers?

And that is a scary thought for me personally. I’m a fan of Sony and a fan of their Playstation brand—especially the exquisite PS4, but what does Sony have to gain when they can make more money being a supplier of technology to other manufactures and letting them take all the risk? This is not a rhetorical question as I would really like to know.

Kaz Hirai in the interview readily admits that this may lead to a pivot for the company as he goes onto say,

“If we’re talking about the organization and our strategies and where we want the company to be next year, two years from now, three years from now, yes, we’re starting to turn the corner.”

Will Sony one day decide to bow out completely from the limelight of high stakes consumer electronics? I can’t say for sure, but we have seen stranger things. Who would have thought that Konami would stop making video games to manage health clubs, open up gourmet cup cake shops, and make slot machines full-time? What if Sony, at their E3 presser announces that they are getting out of the consumer electronics business to sell chips and sensors to Apple? I would imagine that the combined fury of gamers everywhere would tear a rift in the universe.

Evil Rabbits

Many, many years ago, a bearded Jewish man was crucified in the Middle East. After a week, he came back to life. His modern day followers remember this miracle by celebrating a long-eared woodland rodent.

As a Christian (Roman Catholic actually) this time of year is one of the most important holidays. I actually go to church on this holiday, to celebrate my savior’s death and subsequent resurrection. The only other time I actually go to church is to celebrate my savior’s birth, which is ironic. I never said I was a good Christian.


As you have probably gathered by now, I’m speaking about Easter (and Christmas), two holidays ruined by commercialism and the greeting card industry. Christmas is about giving gifts, and the baby Jesus takes the back seat to a fat hirsute man in a red suit, which is okay, I suppose, because you get gifts, which is nice.

What I cannot tolerate is an adult Jesus, who died for my sins, playing second fiddle to a furry rodent known for it’s elongated ears and it’s ability to aggressively procreate.

Quite simply, rabbits, and by extension, their larger cousin, the hare, are evil, with no redeeming qualities, with the exception of making exquisite stews.

Even our ancestors knew that rabbits are horrid creatures. Rabbits were showcased quite often in medieval art performing horrible deeds.


Case and point, did you know that in the Middle Ages giant rabbits carried swords and regularly beheaded people?


Humans were also forced to fight three-headed beasts for the amusement of our rabbit overlords.


Apparently, it was not unheard of rabbits chasing people up into the trees, where they would be taken down by crossbow totting hares. Also, fair maidens were frequently kidnapped.



Humans also could not travel, lest they be accosted by gangs of marauding rabbits and bludgeoned to death.


Man’s best friend, the humble dog, did fight a brutal war against the rabbits on our behalf. Here, we see an army of dogs lay siege to a rabbit castle.


However, the rabbits were too strong, and the dog army was cut down and brutally crushed by rabbit archers.


The rabbits showed complete disregard for modern legal practice. This poor dog was tried in an apparent rabbit tribunal. He will not be judged by a jury of his peers.


The outcome of the trial was never in doubt.

Why then, do we subjugate our poor children this time of year to the Easter Bunny (if that’s his real name), after all the atrocities that his ancestors performed on mankind? This is unconscionably.


Rabbits have even infiltrated my beloved video games and I’m disgusted by it. They have no place in video games, unless they are playing the antagonist, which is a rarity.

Take Jazz the Jackrabbit for example. He’s the main character of the game that bares his name. However, in an age when character based platformers were cute and merely hopped on their enemies, Jazz saw fit to use high powered firearms against unarmed tortoises and bumble bees.

Or take the Rabbids from various Ubisoft games.  These rabbits simply cause pure chaos while speaking incomprehensible jibberish. They are obviously high on drugs.

If the Rabbids are not on drugs, then Max, from the Sam & Max series definitely is. I’d say he’s on cocaine or speed, as he’s absolutely manic and has no business solving crimes.  As far as I’m concerned, he’s a criminal himself.


Lastly, Peppy Hare from Star Fox, I’m onto you. You’re kind elderly mentor act is fooling no one. One day you will betray Fox McCloud, I KNOW IT.


You may be asking if perhaps I’m being too hard on rabbits?  Their atrocities against man took place many years ago. Should I learn to love and forgive them for their transgressions? Some would say that is what Jesus would want; after all, this holiday is about him.

The answer to that is NO. I am a rabbit racist, and I will never forgive them. As far as I’m concerned, the best place for a rabbit, is in the stew pot, prepared in the agrodolce style, as my Sicilian grandmother used to serve for special occasions.


Buon appetit and Happy Easter.

A Poor Gamer’s Guide to Easy Money for Gaming

Getting older, settling down with that special someone, and starting a family is expensive and let’s face it, video games are not cheap. Even when you try to be frugal, whether its buying used games, waiting for sales, or giving Cleveland steamers to sailors and long shore men on the docks for quick cash, video games are expensive.


Hey Sailors! You looking for a good time?

There is good news however, and it does not include providing sexual favors to seamen and dockworkers with unconventional sexual desires. There is a lot of ways to score easy money with out becoming a member of the world’s oldest profession.


If you know the right places to look, have some patience, and don’t mind taking a few minutes out of the day, you can rack up a decent amount of money for gaming.

What I’m going to share with you is tried and tested by yours truly for the past eight years. During that time, I’ve been able to purchase new consoles, Apple laptops, and plenty software and a significant amount of games to boot.

I realize that previous paragraph makes me sound like something you’d hear from some coked out sleaze ball in a bad infomercial during the wee hours of the morning. I feel all dirty just typing it. Yes, it sounds too good to be true, but this shit actually works, as long as you put in a modicum of effort and set a goal for yourself. Think of it like an RPG, where you have to grind it out, killing rats for days straight until you can level up.


So, in no particular order, here are some ways that you can earn quick and easy cash, without having to put in much work.

The Humble Coin Jar

This is by the far the simplest way to earn cash. Many of you may already be doing this, but do you have an actual goal your trying to reach by saving all your coins? When I first started saving all my coins in a large gallon jug back in college, I can honestly say I did not. It was for a rainy day and would be pillaged frequently for weed and booze.


My dealer was not pleased in getting paid in rolled up coins.

Then, just prior to the Xbox 360 release, I decided to use my coins to help pay for it. I had a five-gallon water jug that was just over half full. I planned a weekend to count it all out and roll my coins. No Coinstar machines for me thank you very much. I’m not going to give up 10% of my haul to BIG COIN COUNTING MACHINE COMPANY. Take your 10% cut and shove it up your ass.

Nowadays, many banks have coin counting machines that are free to use for their customers, which is great, because counting coins sucks. There are people who say that coin counting is soothing. These people need professional help.

After counting everything out and trading in my old Xbox and games, I had more than enough money in coins and credit to pay for a brand new Xbox 360, an extra controller, charging kits, a couple of games, as well as a some of other accessories.

Unfortunately, I had to wait a couple more months to get my Xbox 360, as my GameStop took too many pre-orders that they could not fulfill, but that’s a different story.

From that point on, my coin jug was meant solely for the purchasing of consoles. Given how long the previous generation of consoles lasted, by the time the Xbox One and PS4 was released, I had enough to money in coins, store credit from trading in my Xbox 360 and PS3, and funds amassed by the other means that I share later on below, to cover the purchase of both an Xbox One and PS4, games and accessories, and a brand new MacBook Pro, because I DESERVE IT GODDANMIT!

Now, I know that sounds like a lot, but keep in mind that I have been saving for years up to this point, but as you can see, it was totally worth it.

On a side note, when saving my coins, I actually have two jugs, one for pennies and another for everything else. I like to keep my coins segregated because I’M A COIN RACIST. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a jug full of silvery coins without red cents diluting the mix. One day, after I’ve accumulated a decent amount and I’m ready to cash them in, I’m going to pour them into the bathtub and rub them against my naked body, like a perverted Scrooge McDuck.


Game the Bing Search Rewards System

I just recently started doing this. Bing, Microsoft’s answer to Google, has a rewards system for those who use the search engine. Microsoft is desperately trying to make a dent into Google’s search supremacy, so they’ve resorted to bribing people into using their search engine. I have no problem with this.


To get in on the action, you have to first create a Bing account and you’ll get points just for doing so. When you’re logged in, whenever you search on your PC, you get points. You’re capped at 15 points a day when you search on a PC. You can supplement the PC search cap though, by doing mobile searches, but this is also capped at 10 points per day. Making Bing your home page and setting it as your default search engine will also net you easy points.

Bing also provides daily search recommendations. Click on those and you can score up to 5 additional points per day. All in all, you can score 30 points per day by just taking several minutes to randomly search for bullshit on Bing. I do this first thing in the morning as soon as I get into the office. This is good, because I’m able to get it out of the way before the day even starts and people think that I’m so devoted to my job that I put my nose to the grindstone the minute I get it. It’s just part of my daily morning routine now.

It doesn’t end there though. Sometimes Microsoft runs promotions where you can earn double points over the weekend or on holidays, netting you 60 points or more a day. You also get bonuses for amassing milestones for total searches since creating an account.

If you refer a friend, you can earn an easy 100 points if they use start using Bing and perform a certain amount of searches. You can take advantage of this, by referring friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, spouses, hobos, anyone really. Then go on their computers and run a few random searches until you hit the milestone and boom, you got some easy points.

Finally, when you achieve Gold status after amassing 700 total points since creating an account, you get a 10% discount from the Bing store where you use the points you accumulated.

The Bing store has a lot of crap on there. Many of the items are actually Bing related merchandise and sweepstakes, where you can use points to enter your name to try and win, for example, an Xbox One, computers, vacations, and various other things. These are bullshit, so don’t even bother with these. These offers are there to keep you from using your points on more worthwhile, albeit more expensive things.

More importantly, the Bing Store also has gift cards, for Xbox points, the Microsoft Store, and Amazon, just to name a few. $5 gift cards range anywhere between 400 to 500 points, but it only takes a couple weeks to amass enough points in order to buy them and less if you’re creative.

All in all, Bing is not a bad search engine to begin with, so I actually don’t mind using it. However, if you’re a diehard AskJeeves user, is it really going to kill you to take five minutes out of your day to perform some random searches on Bing to score an easy gift card? Probably not, so go ahead and help Microsoft pad their numbers so they look competitive against Google. Yes, you may be whoring yourself out, but it’s not like you’re giving blumpkins to truckers in rest stop bathrooms off the interstate.

Very romantic

Very romantic

Download EasyShift

This is also a new addition to my easy money repertoire. EasyShift is an app that you can download to your smart phone, so this one is for iPhone and Android users. EasyShift has partnerships with consumer goods companies where they provide customer reviews to their partners.


Using the app is simple. It uses your geolocation to term determine your, uh, location, and then it will display on a map various stores and restaurants that you can go to and complete what they call shifts.

Shifts are easy to do. For example, there may be a shift at the local bar for Samuel Adam’s beer. You sign up for the shift and head over to the bar, where you’ll be tasked with taking pictures of the beer taps, signage, and advertisements. You may have to answer a short survey, but they are always brief.

Another example of a shift may be going to the pharmacy and taking a picture of their candy section or a particular display, then answering a short survey. This is all done through the app and is super easy and you also don’t have to buy anything, which is good, since we’ve already determined that we’re poor.

Completing shifts nets you $5 to $10 bucks, for a few minutes of work. The funds then get deposited to your PayPal account. I especially like EasyShift because they pay out in actual cash, not gift cards or points.

The only downside to EasyShift is that you’re limited to what’s available in your location. If you live in a rural area, there is not going to be a lot of shifts available and driving out to a store and using up gas defeats the purpose. However, if you live or work in a big town or city, there can be a good amount of shifts available. You have to act quickly though. Shifts are limited and sometimes they just need a few people to sign up for them. Once they got enough participants, the shift closes.

Since I work in New York City, if I have some free time during lunch, I’ll check to see if there are any shifts around my office. I’ll then just walk on over during my lunch break and sign up for them. On a good day, I can make $30 bucks during lunch. And since shifts take only a few minutes, I still have plenty of time to eat my lunch. Getting out of the office, taking a walk, and getting some fresh air is an added bonus.

After work, I’ll also check to see if there are any shifts on the way home. I’ll then make a stop or two and do some shifts. Since it’s on the way, I’m not spending anything extra on gas.

Again, you’re limited to your location and whether other individuals beat you to a shift, but we’re talking easy money here, and it’s cash, so you can use it on anything.

Take Surveys

I’ve been taking surveys online for nearly eight years now. I was lucky in that I found a decent company that has a good rewards system for survey takers. You should be wary in that there are a lot of shady survey companies who promise you a ton of money and perks that will leave you disappointed.

These fly-by-night survey companies are kind of like the fliers you get on the Las Vegas strip for houses of ill repute promising you a rendezvous with a supermodel quality lady. In the end, you’ll find yourself naked in the desert after all your possessions are stolen, and may have contracted gonorrhea from a prostitute who may or may not have been a man. Do yourself a favor and stay away from these companies, promising quick bucks taking surveys as it’s almost always a scam and you will be bombarded with spam and robocalls.

In my opinion, the best survey and market research company is eRewards. I’ve been using them for years and have never felt like I was being taken advantage of by them. There are many other market research companies out there, but eRewards works best for me.


eRewards is different from other survey companies in that they don’t accept everyone who signs up. They are looking for specific demographics. So even if you do decide to sign up with them, there’s a chance that they may say thanks, but no thanks. I find that since they are not allowing just anyone to sign up with them, they are able to provide better perks.

Many of the more reputable market research companies will ask you for your background and how many surveys you’re willing to take per week. I try to take as much as possible. Some weeks I may be bombarded with survey requests, but other weeks I may get none. It all depends on whether your demographics match the study they are performing.

One of the perks to eRewards is that you always get some credit when taking their surveys. Let’s say that you start a survey that they sent to you. They’ll tell you that it may take up to 20 minutes to complete it in its entirety, and when you complete the survey, you’ll get $6.25 in credit, which is pretty good. You start taking the survey, answer a few questions and you may be cut-off. There are many reasons that this can happen. Maybe you don’t fit the demographic? Perhaps they already reached their limit of respondents in your demographic? If that’s the case, then no problem, because you will still receive partial credit just for attempting to take a survey. Not too shabby for just a few seconds of clicking off boxes.

Some of the longer surveys that you qualify for can be tedious, but you’re getting paid a lot more for taking them, so what the heck and it’s not hard work. I actually find some of the surveys they send pretty interesting and at times entertaining. Some companies put a lot of effort to make their surveys as interactive as possible, which is an added bonus.

Once you have amassed enough credit from taking surveys, you can cash them in the marketplace. Again, it all depends on which market research company you sign up for, but eRewards does have a partnership with GameStop. So after a short time and a few minutes a day, you can cash in your credit for $25 GameStop gift card. Not too shabby.

Sign Up for Media Research Programs

This is by far the easiest out of all the ways to make some easy money for gaming, but with the one caveat that you’re giving up some of your privacy.

Some of you may be aware of companies like Nielsen and Arbitron. Essentially, these companies want to know what you’re watching on the television or listening to on the radio. They then take that information and sell it to the networks, so they know how shitty their programming is.

A show about a talking horse. Someone see if that has been done before.

A show about a talking horse. Someone see if that has been done before.

Many of these companies require you to either hook up some hardware to your cable box or carry a meter device that looks similar to a pager.

For those of you who are too young to know what a pager is, it’s what drug dealers carried around in the 80’s and 90’s to let them know when they had a buyer. All the cool kids had a pager. I wanted a pager, but my parents refused to get me one since they had a negative connation. Only doctors and drug dealers carried pagers, and no one was going to mistake me for being a child prodigy physician like Doogie Howser.

Prodigy drug dealing doctor.

Prodigy drug dealing doctor.

These media research companies don’t like it when you tell people that you’re taking part in their programs. They make this very clear not to disclose this information to anyone when you sign up. I can say, without a shadow of a doubt that I am currently not part of any of these of these media research programs. OKAY!

With that out of the way, media research companies will pay you, in actual cash, $30 to $50 every month just to be in their program. If you have more than two people in their household, many times they will double that.

I have a good friend (NOT ME) that signed up with one of these programs. The company sent over two meters, one for him and his wife. These meters are smart. They shut down when they stay stationary for awhile and don’t think that one person can carry around both of them, as the media research company will know, which is creepy as fuck.


After awhile, my friend’s wife refused to wear the meter. My friend did not know what was so difficult as he would just put the thing in his pocket during the day and at night put it on its base to recharge and transmit data. His wife however, would forget the meter at home, or forget to charge it, or leave it in her purse where it would shut off. She had enough when the media research company began to call her to remind her to wear her meter. This was the last straw for her as she simply refused to carry the device anymore.

This put my friend in a bit of a pickle. He was no longer getting the credit of having two active meters in his home. That’s when he came up with a brilliant idea after watching the movie Police Academy 3, where Zed and Sweetchuck tie flashlights to the guard dog’s collars so that their superiors think that they were doing their nightly rounds. The video below is in German, but it makes the scene so much better.

Police Academy has taught me everything to know about life.

Just like in the movie my buddy just attached the meter to his dog’s collar. He then notified the media research company that his wife was now a full time stay-at-home mom, which they had no problem with.

So my pal and his four legged friend make $60 to $100 a month, which they can use towards anything. Every once in a while, my friend’s wife tries to finagle her half of the payment, but he reminds her that she had her opportunity to take part and gave up any entitlements to the dog, who kindly gives him her portion every month for snausages, belly rubs, and praise.



One may call this gaming the system and unethical, but my pal will disagree with you whole heartedly. He sees this as providing a service to an unrecognized demographic of canine television viewing habits that the media research companies have been ignoring for years.

What about a show about talking dogs? Someone see if that has been done before.

What about a show about talking dogs? Someone see if that has been done before.

The strategies provided above are proven means to earn easy cash for whatever your heart desires. I found them useful for my personal gaming fund, but you can use them on practically anything, booze, toys, sensual massages, WHATEVER. As long as you’re willing to put in some effort, there are many companies that will compensate you for your opinions and socking away loose change can add up over time.

So give it a try and also let me know what are some your strategies for saving money for games in the comments below – the more questionable and unethical the better.

What Happened to the Good Old Snow Level?

It’s cold outside. When I say it’s cold outside, I really do mean its freeze your face off, toes turning blue, testes shriveling up inside of you, kind of cold. It’s not pleasant. For my friends in the southern hemisphere basking in the warmth right now, you can get stuffed. At least we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


The first month of winter can be a pleasant experience. You get to break out the heavy coat, warm hat, and mittens. Stylish? You bet! However, once January begins to wind down and February’s cold embrace takes hold, I’m sick of winter, ready for it to come to an end and spring to return.

I remember being younger and not being affected by the cold as much. I’d go out into the elements without a heavy coat and be totally fine. I was young and stupid and everyone knows that people under the age of 25 know everything.


There’s this kid that takes mass transit in the morning with me. I don’t know him personally, but what I do know is that he likes to act tough out in the cold. In the wee hours of the morning as we wait for the train, he’ll just show up on the platform in his corporate casual uniform consisting of just a button down dress shirt and slacks. No coat, hat, and gloves for him.

One day he did this when it was 6° F outside. I think he may have shit for brains, so I tried to enlighten him. I asked him if he owned a coat and he said that he didn’t need one. I then asked him if he was cold and he said that the cold didn’t bother him. Oh, he’s a TOUGH GUY. But, the cold was bothering him as he was shifting his weight back and forth from foot to foot and was huffing and puffing, like he was doing a pee pee dance. I left it at that. I was not going to get through to him. I may be getting older, but I’m not ready to start lecturing kids on the virtues of wool hats and gloves.


This winter has got me thinking about some classic gaming chestnuts that seem to have pushed aside, in particular the snow and ice levels of previous generations’ platformers. You just don’t see many snow and ice levels anymore, certainly not in the same way as they used to be. Now, snowy levels are just for the visual impact. Ohh, look at me, I’m on a snow level. I can see my breath. My character leaves footprints in the snow. SO FANCY!

It seems like every platformer of my youth was required to have certain levels incorporated in order to be published. It’s like all the executives huddled into a board room and built a check list. Does it have a water level? Does it have a fire level? Does it have an ice level? If it doesn’t have all of these then they send it back.

I don't care if it's Tetris, put in a snow level.

I don’t care if it’s Tetris, put in a snow level.

Quite frankly, as I have gotten older, I would prefer to avoid winter. I’m not quite ready to say fuck it and move to Florida, because let’s be honest with each other, Florida sucks. So I decided to take a trip down memory lane and recall my top 5 snow and ice levels while huddled in my man cave by a roaring fire while shaking my fist at Old Man Winter.

5. SSX

Okay, so this is cheating because the entire game is just one large snow level, but what a nice snow level it is.

When I purchased my Playstation 2 on launch day, I picked up two games to go along with it. One game was Madden, because at the time I was a complete tool, and the other was SSX.

All I knew at the time about SSX was that it was a snowboarding game and it was graphically impressive. Once I loaded up the game however, I was awestruck on how visually impressive this game actually was. To go along with all the eye candy, SSX was also tremendously fun to play. It became the title that I would pop into my PS2 to show off what it was capable of to both my gamer and non-gamer friends.

4. Super Mario Brothers 2 – World 4

This game is not really a Super Mario Brothers game, that much is known. It was a cruel joke from Nintendo of Japan on all us stupid westerners. However, my friends and I played it over and over again none the less.

3. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 – Ice Cap Zone

As a huge Sega fan, I have a dirty little secret, I did not care for Sonic 2 or Sonic 3. I adored the first game, but its sequels didn’t capture the same magic for me.

With that said, the Ice Cap Zone in Sonic 3 was a blast to play. Great music paired with Sonic on a snow board. What’s not to like?

2. Super Mario 64 – Cool, Cool Mountain

Arguably speaking, Super Mario 64 was the first 3D platformer that got things right. Everything about the game was solid and many have tried to emulate it with various levels of success. With that said, it has one of the more memorable snow levels in my humble opinion.

First off, you get to rescue a baby penguin and return him to his mother, which is ADORABLE! Also, Mario gets to race down a giant ice slide on his ass, which is more fun than it sounds.

1. Shadows of the Empire – Battle of Hoth

As a fan of the Star Wars films and as a fan of the book Shadows of the Empire by Steve Perry, I was very excited to play this game on my newly acquired Nintendo 64. It was released four months after the launch of the Nintendo 64 and I was aching to play something other than Mario 64 and Pilotwings 64.

To say that Shadows of the Empire the game was a disappointment is an understatement. The best part of the game was the first level, which was the battle of Hoth. Every hardcore Star Wars fan’s wet dream was to pilot a snow speeder taking down Imperial AT-ATs. Shadows of the Empire did not disappoint in this respect. It’s just that the rest of the game was a steaming turd. I found myself just playing the first chapter over and over again.

Bonus: Wave Race 64 – Glacier Coast

Is it just me or is this list Nintendo heavy? Seems like Nintendo makes the best snow and ice levels, no?

Wave Race 64, a fun Jet Ski game that takes place for the most part in tropical climes. The last and arguably hardest course took place in frigid waters. Can Jet Skis even operate in arctic waters? Wont the racers get hypothermia? Who cares, it’s a video game! You’re on a Jet Ski doing jumps off ice ramps and dodging glaciers.

Hope you enjoyed my short list of my favorite classic ice and snow levels. Would like to hear what some of your favorite ice stages are. Let me know in the comments.