The Xbox Recycled Controller: An Eco-Friendly Choice for Gamers

Gaming has become a popular pastime for people of all ages and backgrounds. As the gaming industry continues to grow, so does the amount of waste generated from the production and disposal of gaming accessories, including controllers. Especially if you have anger issues like me and smash controllers to bits like a man-child. To reduce waste and promote sustainability, Microsoft has released the Xbox Recycled Controller, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional gaming controllers.

The Xbox Recycled Controller is made from recycled materials, including stuff sourced from ocean-bound plastics and other recycled resins. These materials are processed and molded to create a durable and functional gaming controller nearly identical to the original Xbox wireless controller. The controller features all the same buttons, triggers, and joysticks as the original controller, so gamers won’t have to sacrifice performance for sustainability.

One of the key benefits of the Xbox Recycled Controller is its environmental impact. By using recycled materials, Microsoft is reducing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills and oceans. In fact, according to Microsoft, each Xbox Recycled Controller contains the equivalent of approximately 20 plastic water bottles. By choosing the Xbox Recycled Controller, gamers can do their part to reduce their carbon footprint and promote a more sustainable future.

But the benefits of the Xbox Recycled Controller go beyond just environmental impact. The controller is also more affordable than the original Xbox wireless controller, making it a great choice for budget-conscious gamers. In addition, the controller comes with a 90-day limited warranty, so gamers can be confident in their purchase.

Overall, the Xbox Recycled Controller is a great choice for gamers who want to reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing performance. By choosing a recycled controller, gamers can promote sustainability and positively impact the environment. With its affordable price and familiar design, the Xbox Recycled Controller is a great option for gamers of all ages and skill levels.

And folks with anger management issues, you can smash these up at every point of adversity and sleep well at night knowing you won’t hurt any fishies.

Xbox Sees Massive Jump in Sales According to NPD

Even though videogame sales saw an overall decrease of 8% between January and March of this year, compared to 2021, most likely because folks are returning to work from the pandemic, Xbox hardware sales saw a massive increase in the US compared to the same time last year.

And when we say massive, we mean fucking massive, to the tune of a 92% increase, according to the NPD.

The NPD Group’s consumer spending report for Q1 2022 shows that hardware spending has decreased by 15% compared to Q1 2021, however, Xbox hardware saw a huge 92% increase.

NPD has given no specifics for the increase, but the fact that you can actually find an Xbox Series S on store shelves easily, and the Xbox Series X is attainable relatively easily online are certainly possibilities. Who knew, if you make your shit available, people will buy it.

Even though the Xbox is doing well, it cannot touch the mighty Nintendo Switch, which was the best-selling console during the same time frame in terms of total units sold.

[Source: NPD]

The Best Selling Console This Black Friday Weekend Is the Xbox Series S?

The Xbox Series S has topped all other consoles at this year’s Black Friday shopping extravaganza. The little next-gen console is turning out to be a savvy move from Microsoft. According to the Adobe Digital Economy Index, the Xbox Series S has dominated sales in what is usually the busiest shopping day of the year.

Even though everyone is talking about the Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5, which have both been out for over a year, as well as the Nintendo Switch OLED, those consoles have been incredibly difficult to find. The Xbox Series S however, began to show up in decent quantities just before the Thanksgiving Holiday and shoppers began swallowing them up.

Of course, the Series S is at least $100 less than its competitors as well as the Series X, while still able to play next-gen exclusives like Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite, as well as third-party titles like Battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty Vanguard. Pair the tiny console with a Game Pass subscription and you got a very compelling console.

Hell, I picked up one to put in the family room and to act as my travel console, because I cannot help myself.

[Source: Adobe Digital Economy Index]

The Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Console Has A Hidden Easter Egg

I was able to get my hands on an Xbox Series X at launch last year, but don’t think for a second that I didn’t try to get my hands on the limited edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X. I was not able to land one, but I suppose I shouldn’t be selfish. I did consider myself fortunate to even have landed a standard Xbox Series X, to begin with, that is until I saw the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X in the wild.

For those that did manage to snag a Halo Infinite Xbox Series X, there is a hidden surprise, provided they own a black light.

The hidden symbol was discovered by Reddit user Demon_King_Lamb. When viewed under UV or black light, a Zeta Halo symbol is revealed.

Microsoft has clearly put a lot of effort into the Xbox Series X, and the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X makes a sexy-looking console, look even sexier. I now want one more than ever.

[Source: Reddit]

Microsoft Launches Limited Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta for Apple Devices & PC

Xbox Game Pass has arrived on iOS devices via web browser starting today April 20, provided you are invited to the limited beta.

Invites are being sent, and folks who are lucky enough to receive one will be able to play hundreds of Xbox Game Pass games via Edge, Google Chrome, or Safari by logging onto to

As per Xbox Wire:

The limited beta is our time to test and learn; we’ll send out more invites on a continuous basis to players in all 22 supported countries, evaluate feedback, continue to improve the experience, and add support for more devices. Our plan is to iterate quickly and open up to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members in the coming months so more people have the opportunity to play Xbox in all-new ways.

Xbox Wire

Yours truly has not been invited, as of yet.

[Source: Xbox Wire]

Ikea Understands the Struggle of Gamers

The Xbox Series X and especially the Playstation 5 do not follow previous generation of console design. This is the first time that I had to consider if new consoles would fit in my media cabinets.

Ikea, makers of “fine” Swedish furniture has your back. So if you’re not sure if your new FJÄLLBO or VITTSJÖ can house your monstrous new console, just use Ikea’s handy mockups.

[Source: Reddit]

Halo Infinite Now Slated for Fall 2021 Release

Halo Infinite was supposed to be a launch title for the Xbox S|X and as we all know, that did not happen. 343 made the right call after the July 2020 campaign demo that was less than stellar to delay the title. However, we did get Craig the Brute out of it, so there was at least one positive thing that came out of it.

Halo/Bungie veteran, Joseph Staten was brought back on at 343 to help right the ship and get the highly anticipated title whipped into shape. Hopefully, under Staten’s direction Halo Infinite meet lofty expectations and bring a much needed exclusive the the Xbox Series X that can really show off what the hardware can do.

Staten details his plan in a recent Halo Waypoint blog post. There are some great details, particularly with how the graphics are shaping up. Looks like Craig the Brute will be more emotive and less stoic when the game finally launches in 2021

[Source: Halo Waypoint]

The Series X|S Is So Good at Backwards Compatibility it Transcends Platforms

I have finally secured a Playstation 5, meaning that my gaming setup is fully armed and operational, with an Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, and Nintendo Switch. Looking at my setup fills my heart full of joy. Only the birth of my children and my wedding day rivals it… just barely.

I am impressed with both the Series X and the PS5, but if I have to give any next generation console an edge, it has to go to the PS5, for now. The PS5 feels next-gen from the moment you boot it up and handle the impressive DualSense controller.

The Xbox Series X feels like a caged animal currently. Powerful, but unable to truly show off as there are currently no exclusive next gen titles to showcase what the hardware can do. That will change in time no doubt.

However, if there is one thing that the Series X|S can do remarkable well is backwards compatibility. The X|S can pretty much play every Xbox game ever made with the exception of a handful of titles and Kinect games, which are garbage anyway. Meanwhile, the PS5 can only play PS4 games.

The Series X|S are so good at backwards compatibility and emulation that it can even play Playstation 2 games, if you’re willing to put in a little effort, like the folks at Modern Vintage Gamer.

That’s pretty funny. As powerful and impressive that the PS5 is, it’s the $299 Series S that can play PS2 with relatively straight forward.

The Xbox Series X is Finally Out and the Hoaxes are Rolling In

It’s been awhile but we’re back. There was a major lull in interesting gaming news before the new generation of consoles launched, but the wait is over, the Xbox Series X|S is out and the Playstation 5 will be in the wild tomorrow.

Matter of fact, people have been able to put the Xbox Series X through its paces and found that it can do some pretty interesting things.

First off, if you exhale vape smoke in the Series X, you get a pretty cool effect from the top side fan.

This was a funny prank and led some folks to believe that the Xbox Series X was already having issues from over heating. Still, I wouldn’t recommend exhaling smoke into your new $500 gaming console.

There’s was another cool, and much less damaging hoax with the Series X’s fan. This one had folks believing that the Series X could levitate a ping pong ball.

Alas, this is also a hoax. If true, Sony would have to throw in the towel and concede defeat, because this is by far a killer feature.

All joking aside, back in the day I used to a frequent a strip joint that had a dancer that could do AMAZING things with ping balls. The stuff she did would blow your MIND.

Anyhow, a new generation is upon us. My Series X is nestled in her home and soon enough she will have a massive and hulking Playstation 5 to keep her company.

Halo Infinite Dev Responds to “Fake Leaks” on Twitter

Halo Infinite has been dragged through shit as of late. First everyone complained that the gameplay reveal was not pretty enough, then new came of the delay to 2021. Now there are rumors that the Xbox One version may be shit canned entirely. However, John Junyszek, Community Manager at 343 has chimed in on Twitter to defend the title.

There you have it. Straight from the horse’s mouth. Hopefully it remains that way and that things are back on track, if not slightly delayed.

[Source: Twitter]