Not Playing Far Cry 6 Enough? Ubisoft Will SPAM You

I like Far Cry 6. It’s a rinse and repeat of previous games in the series with a ton of stuff to do, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a decent title to hold you over until the bigger holiday games release (Halo… cough). With that said, the play mechanics are getting long in the tooth and I can totally see myself abandoning the game the moment something fresher comes out.

However, when the inevitable breakup does occur, expect Ubisoft to act like the crazy ex and begin stalking you, as Managing Editor Brendan Sinclair learned when he got an e-mail titled, “It was amusing watching you fail.”

Really Ubisoft? No thank you. This feels desperate and a bit of an overreach. I’m already uncomfortable knowing that companies are actively tracking my every move, but for Ubisoft to throw this in my face feels creepy. Clingy ex-girlfriend creepy.

Listen Ubisoft, it’s not you, it’s me. Get over it.

[Source: Twitter]

Creator of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Working on a Show About Gaming with Ubisoft

For a pastime as popular as gaming, one would think that there would be more shows and movies on the topic.

There’s Grandma’s Boy, a serviceable comedy with one of my personal favorite scenes ever.

There was the short lived sitcom I Feel Bad on NBC, which starred a mother who was a designer at a video game developer, but that show got shitcanned.

Ubisoft however, along with the creator of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are looking to make the leap and create a new show about my favorite hobby.

The new show in the works by Rob McElhenney is named after a fictional video game called Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet. The game is apparently the most popular MMO in the world and the show covers the shenanigans that goes on in the background as the devs try to launch an expansion.

The is going to be exclusive to Apple TV, so…. yeah. Good luck.

Next Assassin to Take Place During the Age of Vikings

Assassin’s Creed, a games series where you get to murder various Illuminati, Knight Templar, or Raccoon Lodge members during history’s most notable ages and civilizations. You also get to dive off tall buildings into conveniently placed piles of hay.

So everyone is wondering which ancient civilization are you going to be able to travel to and stab people in the face next? Turns out, it may very well be the Viking Age.

Gamers toiling around in Ubisoft’s online multiplayer loot shooter The Division 2, spotted the poster above in one of the game’s locations. Its a viking, apparently, holding something called the Apple of Eden, which has something to do with Assassin’s Creed, or some shit.

Look, the last time I played an Assassin’s Creed, it was one of Microsoft’s Xbox Live freebies, and I was a playing as a pirate. It was cool for about 5 minutes before I lost interest.

Turns out that two other sources verified to Kotaku that the next title in the Assassin Creed series is indeed during the Viking Age.

So there you have it. Boats, battle axes, Valkyries, berserkers, and stuff.