After Microsoft Announces that Ads Are Coming to Free to Play Games on Xbox, Sony Follows Suit

Last week, it was reported that Microsoft is working on a program that will allow ads in free-to-play Xbox games. Internal sources have stated that the ads wouldn’t disrupt gameplay and will be similar to billboards in a racing game, as to be unobtrusive.

Of course, whenever Microsoft does something hot button, the Playstation fanboys hem, and haw and go on and on and fucking on until I puke. Then all of a sudden Sony announces that they’re doing the same thing and all is quiet.

The in-game ads on Playstation games are expected to launch by the end of this year and similar to the Xbox, will be limited to inconspicuous areas, like the aforementioned billboards

[Source: Insider]

Boston Logan Airport Evacuated Because the TSA Doesn’t Know What an Original Playstation Looks Like

Air travel these days is rough. I remember when people used to dress up for air travel. Nowadays, flying on an airplane is like taking a greyhound bus with wings, especially if you fly on Spirit.

I get it, after 9/11 security is a priority, but we got to hire people for the TSA that can identify am original Playstation and not confuse it for a bomb. This was the case on Easter Sunday when Boston Logan International Airport was evacuated a suspicious item was discovered. The item was an old Playstation.

“Troopers responded and, after investigation and research, determined that the item was a PlayStation video game console with a degraded condition caused by age or damage.”
After an investigation from the Boston Bomb Squad, passengers were eventually allowed to re-enter the terminal at about 5 p.m. when police gave the all-clear.

Thank god the authorities didn’t encounter someone traveling with a Sega Genesis or SNES, they probably would have shot the person on sight.


Horizon Forbidden West Leaked Weeks Before Release

Horizon Forbidden West, arguably the biggest release of the nascent Playstation 5 era has leaked online.

On Monday, January 10, 2022, images of the purported PlayStation 4 version began circulating on social media. Only hours later, the images were pulled from Twitter following a request from “the copyright holder,” which only adds to the veracity of the images.

There is still no news if an early build of the game is circulating online.

Horizon Forbidden West officially launches February 18, 2022.

[Source: VGC]

Sony Acquires Another Support Studio

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced via Twitter that it has acquired Valkyrie Entertainment.

Valkyrie Entertainment, which was founded in 2002, has primarily been a support studio, working with Sony, Microsoft, and Warner Bros, working on franchises like Batman: Arkham Origins, Injustice 2Middle Earth: Shadow of WarHalo Infinite, Forza Motorsport 2, Infamous 2, and God of War. That is indeed quite the resume.

[Source: Twitter]

Sony Announces Official Covers for the Playstation – Coming January 2022

Sony has announced that it is releasing its own console covers for the PS5, which will aid in making their technologically impressive console less fugly.

Priced at $55 a piece, the covers will come in five different colors; red, blue, purple, pink, and black. However, if you choose any color other than black (or maybe red), then you are missing the point. The idea is to make the console look BETTER, not worse.

The new plates will start appearing on store shelves globally in January 2022, which seems to be a miss on Sony’s part, as these would make good stocking stuffers, but what do I know.

Sony says that replacing the covers are easy, simply pop the current white cover off, click the new one on and boom. I can confirm that it really is that easy, as I replaced the ugly white plates with black ones from a 3rd party about a year ago, because looking at the PS5 in its original state was an assault on my eyes.

[Source: Sony]

Sony Fires Playstation Executive Allegedly Caught on Video in Pedophilia Sting Operation

Sony has fired a senior vice president who worked on the Playstation Network when he was allegedly caught in an amateur pedophilia sting video.

George Cacioppo, who was a senior vice president of engineering at Sony for the past eight years was caught allegedly trying to arrange a meeting with a person claiming to be a 15-year-old boy. The video was uploaded to YouTube channel People v. Preds on December 3, 2021.

Screencapture: LinkedIn

According to People v. Preds, Cacioppo allegedly spoke with a person who claimed to be a 15-year-old minor on Grindr. Cacioppo allegedly exchanged photos and discussed sex acts, according to screenshots from People v. Preds. Cacioppo then allegedly provided his address and the decoy said he would Uber to his location, where Cacioppo was waiting outside. 

People v. Preds have provided their evidence to San Diego County District Attorney’s Office.

[Source: People v. Preds]

Looks Like “Spartacus” is Sony’s Answer to Xbox Game Pass

According to a report from Bloomberg, Sony’s working on a service to rival Xbox Game Pass. You can go ahead and file this under the “it was a bad idea until we decided to do it” category.

Known internally within Sony as “Spartacus,” subscribers will pay a monthly fee to access a catalog of modern and classic titles. The targetted launch for the service is Spring 2022 and Sony plans to merge its two existing services, PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, into one.

According to Bloomberg, Sony plans to break the service into three tiers, which doesn’t seem like the wisest decision, but things may change between now and launch. The first tier will include essentially what is PlayStation Plus. The second tier will include access to a catalog of PS4 and PS5 titles. The third tier will include demos, game streaming, and a back catalog of classic PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP games.

Sony has a long way to go to compete with Microsoft in the subscription service arena. Xbox Game Pass is wildly successful and Microsoft is all-in on the service, releasing first-party titles day and date of release. Not to mention, Microsoft has been on a bit of a spending spree, acquiring publishers to bolster their internally produced exclusive titles. There is no word whether Sony plans to include their impressive internally produced exclusives day and date like God of War, Last of Us, Horizon, etc…, but I doubt it.

Competition spurs creativity, so the outcome will only be good for gamers.

[Source: Bloomberg]

Official Playstation 5 Shells May Be in the Works According to Sony Patent

Looks like Sony may have a plan to make the Playstation 5 look less like ass and more elegant by the way of official shells.

Discovered by OPAttackthe official patent is titled “Cover for Electronic Device” and is described as an “ornamental design for a cover for an electronic device.” The patent then has a diagram of the PS5 faceplates for illustrative purposes.

This could explain why Sony threatened companies like CMP Shells if they had their own plan in the works. Or perhaps they realized it was a missed opportunity? I don’t know!

What I do know is that the black shells that I ordered from CMP improve the look of my PS5 1000% and my Xbox Series X is no longer embarrassed to share a media shelf with it.

[Source: OPAttack]

Sony Cuts Playstation 5 Production Due to Global Chip Shortage

The Playstation 5 along with the Xbox Series X|S have been in high demand and still difficult to obtain for over a year. According to a report from Bloomberg citing sources close to Sony’s internal operations, the global chip shortage is continuing to impact Playstation 5 production.

The chip shortage is so severe that Sony had to cut production of 16 million PS5s by in the year ending March 2022 down to 15 million. That is a shortfall of 1 million consoles, which is nothing to sneeze at.

Looks like it’s going to continue to be difficult to land the coveted console for a little longer.

[Source: Bloomberg]

A PS5 Jailbreak Can Be Imminent

Hacking group FailOverflow is claiming to have decrypted the PS5, which will allow them to do very naughty and unauthorized things on the console. You may recall that the same group was able to jailbreak the PS3 several years ago.

I’m not going to pretend to know what any of this means, but apparently it’s a big deal.

What the above tweet may eventually result is the PS5 being fully ‘jailbroken’, which may lead some bold users to copy games from discs to hard drives, downgrade their system OS, and run emulated software. This will make Sony very sad obviously, so jailbreak at your own risk.

[Source: Twitter]