Survey Suggests Microsoft is Considering An Ad-Supported Game Pass Tier

A recent survey conducted by Microsoft has asked gamers if they would be willing to pay a lower monthly subscription than the standard Xbox Game Pass monthly fee, in exchange for some limitations and the integration of ads.

A survey, by all means, is not an indication that such a tier would see the light of day, however, it does indicate that this is something that Microsoft is considering.

My Spanish is good enough to make me dangerous.

Game Pass has quickly become a cornerstone of Xbox’s strategy holding 25 million subscribers, even though growth has slowed recently. A cheaper tier subsidized by ads may give the service another jolt. Let’s also not forget that Microsoft has acquired Bethesda and is trying to also add Activision Blizzard, which would provide the service with quite the roster of AAA titles.

All in all, Game Pass racked in $2.9 billion for Xbox in 2021, which is totally a sum you can live on.

[Source: ResetEra]

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