You Can Now Play Steam On Your New Tesla X & S

Technically you could play Steam in your Tesla if you have a gaming laptop or Steam Deck, but now you can play Steam on your Tesla. This officially makes Tesla a console maker, no?

Steam titles will now be playable on some of Tesla’s vehicles as part of the EV maker’s “Holiday Update.” The update also includes Apple Music, a new in-cabin camera view, and updated light-show features, but who cares about that shit.

According to the announcement via Twitter, Tesla’s system is also compatible with wireless controllers, so owners can bring along their controller of choice when on the road.

Tesla does not go into details as to the logistics of when you can play these games, but let’s assume gaming will only be accessible while the EV is parked.

No doubt someone will figure out a workaround to get Steam working while the car is driving, which would be amazing and stupid at the same time.

[Source: Tesla via Twitter]

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