Sony Announces Official Covers for the Playstation – Coming January 2022

Sony has announced that it is releasing its own console covers for the PS5, which will aid in making their technologically impressive console less fugly.

Priced at $55 a piece, the covers will come in five different colors; red, blue, purple, pink, and black. However, if you choose any color other than black (or maybe red), then you are missing the point. The idea is to make the console look BETTER, not worse.

The new plates will start appearing on store shelves globally in January 2022, which seems to be a miss on Sony’s part, as these would make good stocking stuffers, but what do I know.

Sony says that replacing the covers are easy, simply pop the current white cover off, click the new one on and boom. I can confirm that it really is that easy, as I replaced the ugly white plates with black ones from a 3rd party about a year ago, because looking at the PS5 in its original state was an assault on my eyes.

[Source: Sony]

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