The Razer Zephyr Mask is Available Now For All Your Futuristic Masking Needs and Tali’Zorah Fetishists

For those seeking a more “stylistic” face mask option, Razer has launched the Zephyr.

Starting at $99.99, it’s certainly high tech, with plenty of bells and whistles as noted from the Razer store:


  • Razer Zephyr with adjustable head straps
  • 3 sets of N95 grade filters for 9 Days of usage
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Anti-fog spray


  • 2 Speed High (6200 RPM) / Low (4200 RPM) Dual intake fans


  • N95 grade meltblown filters*
  • 99% BFE rating
  • Able to filter at least 95% of 0.3 microns particles

*Sold in special refill packs on


  • External Razer Chroma™ RGB
  • Internal-facing LED for illumination of facial features
  • Customizable via Razer Zephyr App
  • Pairing and Charging Status will be indicated on Internal-facing LED


  • Applied on inner plastic surface +


  • Certified Medical Grade BPA-Free Silicone


  • Low speed – Up to 8 hours with Lighting Off, 5.5 hours with Lighting On
  • High speed – Up to 4 hours with Lighting Off, 3.5 hours with Lighting On
  • Charge Time – Approx. 3 hours
  • Standby Time – Up to 2 days, with Lighting and Fan Off
  • Battery level of device indicated on Razer Zephyr App.


  • Length x Depth x Height
  • 7.13” x 4.09” x 4.09”
  • 181 mm x 104 mm x 104 mm


  • 206.1 g / 0.454 lbs


  • Adjustable elastic head strap


  • Multi-control button (For Power On, Fan Speed & Pairing)


  • Bluetooth Low Energy


  • Smartphone app available for Android and iOS

Masks are still a necessity given that the world is still dealing with a pandemic, but this mask is NOT a medical grade mask. Razer has stated that while this is not a PPE, and it’s effectiveness has not been tested against blocking the Covid-19 virus, it does “offer the same functionality and adequate protection due to its 99% BFE rating.”

It does have 100% effectiveness of stopping you from getting any strange.

[Source: Razer]

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