New and Improved PS5 Model Is Lighter, Has Smaller Heatsink, Runs Hotter… Wait, what?

Sony has quietly released a new PlayStation 5. The new model (PS5 1100B) went on a bit of a crash diet, losing 0.6 pounds. A lot of that weight apparently is from a spanking new heat sink.

YouTuber Austin Evans got his hands on one of the hard to find consoles, and promptly tore into its guts, for posterity.

While testing, Evans discovers that the new heatsink makes the console run a bit hotter. The temperature on the new console runs four to five degrees Celsius hotter, with the console hitting a high of 58 degrees Celsius while running Astro’s Playroom. That’s 136.4 Fahrenheit for us Americans.

Is this something to freak out about? Probably not, but gamers worry when their consoles run hot. Also, we have expectations that ‘improvements’ should make the console run more efficiently and cooler, not hotter.

Perhaps this had more to do on supply chain savings than console improvements. The PS5 is hugely popular and Sony is shipping out millions of units globally. Shipping on a global scale is expensive. That 0.6 pounds times a million equals a shit ton of cash saved in tonnage shipped.

[Source: YouTube]

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