Sony Ruins Everything By Blocking McDonald’s From Giving Away the Fugliest PS5 Controller Ever

I’ve said this multiple of times and I will continue saying this until Sony fixes the problem. The Playstation 5 is ugly. There is no way around this folks. It’s “U – G – L – Y… You ain’t go no Alibi… You Ugly… What What?… You Ugly.”

So when McDonald’ Australia announced that they would be giving away a limited amount of custom controllers that are so ugly, they’re actually cool, the world rejoiced. These things are ugly on purpose, unlike the actual Playstation 5. Sony however, is having none of it. Only they are allowed to release ugly hardware apparently, as noted by McDonald’s Australia statement:

“Sony PlayStation has not authorised the use of its controller in promotional materials related to the proposed Stream Week event and we apologise for any inconvenience caused,” wrote a spokesperson. “McDonald’s stream week has been postponed and Sony PlayStation controllers will not be included in the giveaway.”

McDonalds Australia 

Come on Sony, lighten up. When everyone made fun of the Xbox Series X, saying it looked like a mini fridge, know what Microsoft did? They announced that they are releasing a fucking mini fridge.

When did Sony become such a square?

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