Hideo Kojima to Partner with Microsoft for a New Game on Xbox

What an interesting week. We have Sony announcing two (or three) additions to the Playstation Studios stable, and we have this interesting nugget from Microsoft.

Observers pointed out a Kojima Productions Ludens statue chilling on Phil Spnecer’s shelf during his last few announcements. Little easter eggs like this has led to real world announcements, leading many to believe that a Kojima Studios announcement is in the works

Now we know Kojima Productions and Microsoft have signed a letter of intent. This legal mumbo jumbo implies that both companies have agreed to a deal. In the meantime, lawyers on both sides cross “t’s”, dot “i’s” and bill their respective clients ridiculous fees. As we know, lawyers are blood sucking motherfuckers who nickel and dime you down to the second. But I digress.

Meanwhile, Sony fans are losing their shit. Someone created an actual petition on Change.org demanding that the yet announced game be cancelled.

People have to chill the fuck out. Are you going to tell me that Death Stranding was a good game? Kojima hasn’t put out a brilliant game since Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and that was in 2015.

Hopefully, Hideo Kojima can capture some of that Metal Gear magic again.

[Source: VentureBeat]

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