Sony Acquires PC Porting Specialist Nixxes

With much less fanfare, Sony has announced the acquisition of Nixxes, a Dutch studio that specializes in porting games from console to PC.

Nixxes, in the past, has worked with Crystal Dynamics, Eidos, and IO Interactive in porting the Tomb Raider trilogy and Deus Ex to PC, to name just a couple. This is the second (or third) acquisition for Sony in a week after announcing the acquisition of Housemarque, the studio responsible for Returnal. It also appears that Sony has acquired a third studio in Bluepoint, but we’re going to pretend that hasn’t happened for now.

Herman Hulst, Head of PlayStation Studios

I totally get Sony’s reluctance to make a big deal of this, since release of their console exclusive titles to PC is a sore point for their passionate fanbase. Perhaps Nixxes will be more of an internal support studio, but one can’t help but speculate that this acquisition is meant to support more ports to PC.

[Source: Twitter]

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