Tim Sweeney is Apparently Clueless When it Comes to Playing a Nintendo Switch

Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games is a smart and ridiculously wealthy man. In case you didn’t know, Epic, which used to crank out regular, cool games now specializes in one major money maker known as Fortnite. Long story short, because of Fortnite, Sweeney has Scrooge McDuck levels of cash.

However, being a billionaire and CEO of a multi-billion dollar company is simply not enough. So Epic is suing Apple for ALL THE MONEY! Epic has made a case that the Apple’s App store is a monopoly which restricts end user’s options to play games across devices due to Apple’s walled garden approach to iOS devices.

To prove their point that iPhones are much more convenient for gaming on the go than say, a console, Epic’s lawyers brought in a Nintendo Switch and iPhone so that Sweeney can demonstrate on the stand.

Sweeney stated that he uses a mobile phone while commuting, but to use a Switch on a train he’d need Wi-Fi and two devices to play, referring to the Joy-Cons. WHAT AN OUTRAGE!

Then the true comedy ensued, when Tim Sweeney struggled to get the Switch Joy-Cons connected. I’d like to imagine that he went full on informercial fail during his testimony, to prove his point.

Actual courtroom footage of Tim Sweeney playing a Nintendo Switch

“As you can see, I’m not a Switch player,” quipped Sweeney, to which U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers replied, “Well, now the world knows… That’s alright, neither am I.”


[Source: Bloomberg]

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