PS5s Are Getting Jacked Mad Max Style in the UK

Next generation consoles like the the Playstation 5 are in incredibly high demand. I consider myself lucky to have secured not just a Playstation 5 but also an Xbox Series X at retail, but many are not so lucky.

You need to be persistent and have a quick trigger finger to nab one. Or you can pay a scalper a premium if you have a lot of disposable income. If grand larceny is more your thing, you can jack a shipment of PS5s off of a moving truck.

According to The Times in the UK:

“Gangs are mounting car bonnets to break into fast-moving lorries… Consignments of Playstations, TVs, cosmetics, mobile phones and cigarettes have all been raided in recent months as the thieves use a range of tactics…

The raids involve gangs using at least three cars to box in a moving lorry at speeds of up to 50mph. One thief climbs out, usually secured by a rope, through a sunroof or modified hatch. The thief uses cutting tools or a crowbar to force open the rear doors before leaping aboard…”

The Times
Scotland Yard has released this image of the prime suspects.

You know 2020 is bad when criminals are resorting to tactics employed in movies portraying our future as a dystopian wasteland.

[Source: The Times]

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