The Xbox Series X is Finally Out and the Hoaxes are Rolling In

It’s been awhile but we’re back. There was a major lull in interesting gaming news before the new generation of consoles launched, but the wait is over, the Xbox Series X|S is out and the Playstation 5 will be in the wild tomorrow.

Matter of fact, people have been able to put the Xbox Series X through its paces and found that it can do some pretty interesting things.

First off, if you exhale vape smoke in the Series X, you get a pretty cool effect from the top side fan.

This was a funny prank and led some folks to believe that the Xbox Series X was already having issues from over heating. Still, I wouldn’t recommend exhaling smoke into your new $500 gaming console.

There’s was another cool, and much less damaging hoax with the Series X’s fan. This one had folks believing that the Series X could levitate a ping pong ball.

Alas, this is also a hoax. If true, Sony would have to throw in the towel and concede defeat, because this is by far a killer feature.

All joking aside, back in the day I used to a frequent a strip joint that had a dancer that could do AMAZING things with ping balls. The stuff she did would blow your MIND.

Anyhow, a new generation is upon us. My Series X is nestled in her home and soon enough she will have a massive and hulking Playstation 5 to keep her company.

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