Expect Limited Availability of the PlayStation 5 for the First Year

Bloomberg News is reporting that Sony will make fewer PlayStation 5 consoles available than it has in previous launches.

Sources believe that the start-of -art specs in the PS5 will make it difficult to source parts as well as make the console expensive. The same sources also claim the Covid-19 global pandemic has not impacted production of the new console, but has had a significant affect on promotion. Case and point, last month’s tech deep dive from lead system architect Mark Cerny is great, if you’re suffering from insomnia.

Also, with global economies being impacted by the pandemic, with many people out of work, perhaps splurging on an expensive console is not the most prudent decision.

Devs anticipate that the PS5 will cost $499 to $549. If you’re unemployed and worried about the future, buying a new console should be a low priority. Sony is probably aware of this and may be scaling back, and then ramp up, when things begin to normalize

[Source: Bloomberg]

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