Sony Teases Us with a Glimpse of the DualSense PlayStation 5 Controller

As gamers wait for actual images of the PlayStation 5, Sony finally gave us a glimpse of the new controller. Thanks to the PlayStation Blog, here are the first images of the “DualSense.”


It’s a sexy looking controller and according to Sony, haptic feedback is a major factor for this device. Gamers are going to get a true “sense” of the game. Imagine being able to feel the sensation of your car tires slush through mud or a gravel roadway while playing Gran Turismo. Or feeling the tension on your bowstring get tighter as you pullback on the L2 trigger while playing Horizon Zero Dawn, and you get the idea.

One of the more questionable decisions however, is the addition of built-in microphones. Apparently, this will enable gamers to chat with friends online without a headset. Sorry, but there’s going to be folks who will abuse this and will need to be beaten, to knock some sense into them. Like this pud, for example:

There you have it. We have images and details of the controller, and it is intriguing. Now, can we finally get the money shot of the console itself?

[Source: Sony]

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