Sony Throws Caution to the Wind and Unveils Ambitious and Totally Original PS5 Logo – Mass Hysteria Ensues

I hope you’re picking up on the sarcasm here, because I’m laying it on pretty fucking thick.

I get it, “don’t fix what ain’t broke,” but come on, can’t you just change it up a little bit? Isn’t there any flare you can throw in? I’m not asking you to go fucking crazy and use Spider-Man font, but how about some originality?

Also, would have it killed Sony to unveil a bit more information regarding the PS5 at CES? Maybe show some hardware, or give some specs, or promise their fans that their new shiny console won’t be a dog compared to the Series X?

What’s really funny is I bet Sony spent an exorbitant amount of time and money to settle on this logo. I can speak intelligently about the inner workings of large corporations and without a shadow of a doubt, there were a multitude of meetings, design iterations, and sleepless nights spent to come up with this logo. In the end, all a designer had to do was delete the ‘4’ and type a ‘5.’

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