Get Up Close and Personal with the Xbox Series X CPU

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer is having a good time apparently. He must be feeling pretty good about himself. What’s not to be proud of? He’s righted the Xbox ship and people are getting excited about the Series X. Also, if rumors turn out to be true, Microsoft’s next console is going to have the power edge against the PS5.

While gamers wait for more concrete information from Sony and Microsoft regarding their next generation consoles, Spencer updated his Twitter profile pic to an image of the Series X CPU (see above). There’s some interesting tidbits of information to be gleaned from this. Oh Spence, you cheeky monkey.

First off, we see that the chip is etched with the Project Scarlett code name. Microsoft did something similar when they launched the Xbox One X with Project Scorpion branding.

More tantalizing, is the 8K etching on the chip. We know that the Series X is going to be powerful, and again, if rumors are true, more powerful than the PS5, which may entail a premium cost. However, 8K is some serious power, considering that 4K sets only recently became cheap enough to be widely adopted.

I better start saving up for the next generation now, because I just may need to upgrade my TV now as well.

How much can I get for selling a kidney on the black market? Asking for a friend.

[Source: Twitter]

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