Microsoft is Relaunching and Expanding Xbox All Access

Xbox All Access was one of the best deals that doesn’t get much attention. The all inclusive service essentially allows you to lease a console for a monthly fee. To sweeten the pot, you also get access to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. It really is a no brainer, but the concept is so foreign for console gamers that it doesn’t get much traction. In the end, it’s like getting a console if you sign up for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass.

I’m pretty open to new ways of gaming, jumping on to digital disruption very early, and even I was weary of “leasing” a console. However, Microsoft is sweetening the pot yet again.


This is a crazy good deal, and I may sell my Xbox One X and use the funds to subsidize the cost of the program. Early adopters who are eyeballing Project Scarlett can upgrade after making 12 payments, provided you have good enough credit.

[Source: Microsoft]

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