You’re Cray If You Want This PS5 Render To Be Real


Earlier in the week, a Sony patent filing was found with a sketch of the PS5. I immediately lambasted the image, because in my expert opinion, it looks like ass.


Some people have come out stating that this is most likely NOT the final consumer version of the PS5 and if anything, it is a dev kit. These people are reasonable and highly intelligent.

However, thanks to LetsGoDigital, who created some renders based off of the patent filing, there has been a movement on the web purporting to actually like the design.

More ass, via LetsGoDigital

Props to LetsGoDigital for creating these renders, but if you actually want this pig sitting under your TV, you got problems son.

Sorry, but only crackheads psychopaths, and Sony Fanboys think this is good looking.

[Source: LetsGoDigital]

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