Death Stranding Sunday – Official Box Art Shows a Filthy Norman Reedus

It’s officially the dog days of summer gaming and not a lot is going on. The sun is still actively trying to fucking kill you, ala Super Mario Bros. 3. so it’s best to stay inside.

The sun will fuck up your shit.

At least we got some cool new box art to look at for Death Standing. You know, boxes that games come in, for those that still buy physical media, like a caveman, but instead of hunting woolly mammoths and collecting berries, they’re lugging home discs.

The box art was revealed at San Comic Con by Hideo Kojima during a Death Stranding panel. On the left, you have the standard edition and the right, a steelbook special edition.

Reedus looks filthy in the special edition. I sure hope that is mud, and not shit, but this is a Kojima games, so who knows.

Death Stranding is set for release on the PlayStation 4 on November 8.

[Source: Sony]

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