Gears 5 Devs Reveals Sweet Looking Arcade Mode

Gears 5 looks like it’s coming along nicely. Today, a first look of ‘Arcade’ was released, which is a new type of versus multiplayer, which looks mighty nice.

We are excited to reveal your first look at Arcade, a brand new type of Versus experience for all types of players. This ultimate jump-in / jump-out mode brings hero characters, each with their own distinct abilities and weapon upgrades, to Gears 5 Versus players.

Arcade Deathmatch is just the beginning, where two teams of five race to be first to 50 kills. This promises to be unlike any Gears TDM you’ve ever played!


I’ve cooled on the Gears franchise over the years, but I’m legitimately excited for Gears 5.

Gears 5 is set to launch September 10.

[Source: Microsoft]

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