New Mortal Kombat Movie Will Be R-Rated—Righting a Wrong Committed Over 24 Years Ago

The original Mortal Kombat movie, released way back in 1995, is arguably one of the better video game movie adaptations ever made. Ponder that shit for a moment.

Keep in mind, the OG Mortal Kombat from ’95 wasn’t a masterpiece, it only seems that way compared to all other video games movies released since then, which are fucking shit.

Long story short, the original Mortal Kombat is beloved by old gamers like myself, and if there is one thing we all agree upon, it’s that it should never have been rated PG-13. Obviously, this rating hampered the movie’s more violent imagery and source material.

Well, we can expect more gore in the new Mortal Kombat movie, because it is getting the ‘R’ rating it deserves, according to Greg Russo, the film’s writer.

This ‘R’ rating will right a wrong committed 24 years ago. Mortal Kombat fans may rejoice.

[Source: Twitter]

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