Rumor: Microsoft May Still Be Developing a Streaming Only Mini Console Stadia Killer

At one time, not too long ago, rumor had it that Microsoft had multiple next-gen consoles. There was a high powered top tier console, which is now known as Xbox Scarlett, a mid-tier, and perhaps a streaming only entry.

The mid-tier version was scrapped, but if rumor has it, a cheap, streaming only, powered by xCloud mini Xbox may still be in the works. This console is intended to be a “Stadia Killer.”

Brad Sims, a contributor at and industry insider posted the YouTube video below claiming that reliable sources indicate that an answer to Stadia is still in the works by Microsoft.

That is some juicy fucking dirt friends. Can be total bullshit, but I love the rumors and speculation leading up to a new console generation.

I’m personally looking forward to Google, Microsoft, and Sony, three heavyweights if you will, throwing haymakers at each other.

Competition is good for gamers.

[Source: Youtube]

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