I Went to a Fighting Game Tournament and an Actual Fight Broke Out (Dad Joke)

Ready… FIGHT!

Again, I’ve mentioned this before, but I don’t watch a lot of eSports. I’m too old and when it comes to video games, I’d rather play them than watch them. HOT TAKE!

What I can get into is EPIC BEEF!

In one corner, we have up and comer Leif “Buffalo” Boisvert and in the other we have Brad “Scar” Vaughn, who is known as one of the better Mortal Kombat players globally.

Boisvert, apparently did not take to kindly to Scar criticizing a previous win against seasoned veteran Jarrad “Ninjakilla” Gooden at an online Mortal Kombat 11 tournament. A Twitter beef then ensued.

Awwww SHIT, it’s on. (Twitter)

Boisvert got his “sweet revenge” at the Community Effort Orlando fighting game tournament when he was matched up against Vaughn. The match was close, but Boisvert came out on top, and like a true gentleman, had an epic pop-off.

First off, props to Vaugh for not punching Boisvert, knocking his ass and his salon quality hair to the ground. That is fucking POISE.

If fighting game tournaments are more like this, I’m going to watch more often. eSports and MMA are arguably the two fastest growing sports in the world, why not combine them? I’d pay money for that. Someone needs to make this happen.

[Source: Twitch]

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