Mediocre Cheap Beer Vows to be the Official Beer of eSports

According to the eSports Observer, Budweiser has filed a trademark to be the “the official beer of gaming” and “the official beer of gamers.”

As a gamer, and highly functioning alcoholic (probably not true), I do not approve.

Budweiser is the most mediocre of beers. It’s highly marketed, mass produced, piss water. Sure, I’d drink it in a pinch, if there was, for example, no other beer at a party, because sometimes getting a buzz takes precedence over anything else.

If anything, this proves that eSports is really gaining traction. If a mainstream brand like Budweiser is hoping on the bandwagon, then you know eSports is getting into the public eye.

Just do yourself a favor and drink better beer.

[Source: eSports Observer]

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