Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony Assemble Against Trump’s Proposed Tariffs

Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony

Uncertain times can sure make strange bedfellows. In a joint letter to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative by Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony—the companies state their case as to why President Trump’s proposed tariffs on goods from China would be pretty shitty for consumers.

Tariffs on China could also mean more expensive hardware, but also the big three also claim that it could put jobs at risk, and stifle innovation.

I however, am a selfish prick and care about the possible 25% tax on video game consoles. New consoles are supposed to come out in 2020 and fuck that can be an expensive proposition.

Trade talks between China and the US are on-going, so this may never materialize, but regardless of how you feel about Trump, I think we can all agree, DON’T FUCK WITH MY GAMES.


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