There Are Now Unskippable Ads in NBA 2K19 and Gamers Are Pissed

I’m not a NBA fan and even less of a videogame basketball fan, but 2K Sports is up to some bullshit with NBA 2K19.

Gamers from around the world are experiencing unskippable ads on loading screens in NBA 2K19. Even when the loading bar maxes out, players are being forced to sit through the ads regardless. Keep in mind, NBA 2K19 is a paid game and not free-to-play garbage.

At first, it was believed that the ads were relegated to the Nintendo Switch version, but gamers on other platforms are experiencing this as well, many noticing that that the ads started appearing after an update was downloaded.

There’s a delicious Reddit channel open where gamers can voice their displeasure, called Unskippable ads in a 60$ game, fuck you 2k.

Seriously, what is 2K Sports thinking?

[Source: Eurogamer]

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