Chinese Biotech Company Steals Worst Logo Possible

Chinese corporations love to steal and copy shit. That is a fact of life folks. I’m not giving them crap about it, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, one Chinese Biotech company could have not possibly ripped-off a worse logo.

The company, Shanghai Ruilan Bio Shayai Cell (thanks Google translate, I think), literally took the logo from Umbrella Corporation, aka the EVIL biotech company from Capcom’s Resident Evil, and color swapped the red for turquoise.

Let me reiterate. They stole a logo from a fictitious evil corporation that started a fucking zombie apocalypse, that just so happens to be in the same industry as your actual company.

This is some lazy ass shit. This company couldn’t even tweak this just a little bit to make it less obvious?

One comment

  1. OtakuNEET · January 26, 2020

    And now we have the corona virus outbreak coincidence? I think not! I know they’re up to something they might actually just be behind this virus I mean come on! Re6 takes place in China and there’s a virus called C virus. C virus= Corona Virus which also started in China I’m gonna get to the bottom of this

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