Meatheads with Chainsaw Guns 5 (aka Gears of War 5) to be Showcased at E3 2019

Microsoft is pretty much going to have E3 2019 to themselves, so they better make the best of it. So we’re going to get treated to some Gears of War 5 stuff at the Xbox press event on June 9.

Look. I like Gears of War. I was 26 when the the original was launched, kicking off the franchise. I was a big dumb meathead back then, so the game really resonated with me. 14 years later, I’ve blossomed into my dad bod, so I cannot really relate to these characters anymore.

I do like the idea of playing as Kait Diaz this time around. Playing as the same old meatheads with guns was getting stale. Also Kait is a badass and smokeshow, so bonus.

Fact: Badass and Smokeshow

[Source: Twitter]

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