A New PSVR will Not Release Alongside the PlayStation 5

Cool guy with PSVR.

Check out this dude up there. Smokeshows are probably lined up to smash on the spot. Nothing turns on the fairer sex more than a dude in a VR headset. That is a FACT.

For all intents and purposes, VR is a success. It’s passed the proof of concept and there are legitimate titles available that take advantage of the technology. We’ve even got to the point where new generations and variants of hardware are becoming available as well as new entrants like the Valve Index. However, if you were thinking that a new version of the PSVR would come out at launch with the PlayStation 5, think again.

Dominic Mallinson, Global Head of R&D for PlayStation was interviewed by CNET at the Toronto’s Collison Conference, where he gave some insight into the future of PSVR.

Mallinson believes that the PSVR “does need to evolve. It’s not quite there yet as a mass market proposition… We do want it to be lighter weight, and easier to put on, less cables, less mess… Wireless suffers from the issue of being expensive, If you don’t care about cables, then it’s a lot cheaper than to have a wireless system. But at the same time, having wireless just makes you so much more free.”

I couldn’t agree more. VR and the rat’s nest of cables, pass-throughs, cameras, and setting up base stations around a room SUUUUUUUUCKS.

I’m going to hold out for a wireless solution, or at least a less wired solution, whenever that may be.

[Source: CNET]

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