Sony Exposes Everything Known about the PS5 to Date

In the past, when it came to announcing next generation hardware, companies liked being tight lipped. This time around, Sony is acting like a teen at her first kegger who totally will not shut up about how fucking drunk she is.

Sony, during a corporate strategy presentation, which sounds as exciting to a kick to the balls, listed out every detail so far for the PS5 in a terribly boring PowerPoint deck.

I always get a kick on how the corporate world can suck the joy out in just about anything. Then again, this presentation is not for me, it’s for a bunch of fucking stiffs wearing suits without ties.

What Sony really wants people to know is that the the PS5 can load games like an MF-er, due to the SSD its packing.

Damn bro, that’s fast!

So the PS5 loads PS4 games super fast, which is cool I guess. Also, Sony is taking backwards compatibility seriously, again.

So now, expect Microsoft to announce something soon, because that’s how the lead up to this next-gen console race has been going. It’s just two drunk chicks at a kegger yelling at each other and divulging every intimate detail.

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