Nintendo Has No Plans for a ‘Switch 2.0

We live in a world of iterative consoles now, rather than defined console “generations.”

We’ve had the Xbox One, Xbox One S, and the Xbox One X. There’s the PS4 and the PS4 Pro. Nintendo has even partaken in this strategy as well, with the 3DS and the New 3DS.

None of this is new or surprising. So if one was to say that Nintendo may have a new Switch 2.0 in the works, one with a better or bigger screen, slightly more powerful or efficient CPU, more internal memory, I wouldn’t be surprised.

However, according to “mysterious” sources at the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is not interested in “Switch 2.0.”

According to the WSJ:

“The people familiar said expanded Switch features in the coming year could also include additional network-related features and peripherals to be attached to its USB Type-C port. At an investor briefing in February, Mr. Kimishima, the Nintendo CEO, said he wanted to make the Switch’s product cycle longer than the five-to-six-year span that’s become customary in the videogame console industry. One person familiar with development plans said waiting longer to introduce variations in the hardware would serve that purpose.”

So, it’s not that there will never be Switch 2.0, but rather Nintendo kind of likes it around here and has no plans for an immediate successor. Having a wildly successful console that is making you huge profits will do that.

[Source: WSJ]

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