You Can Stream Xbox One Games to Your Mac Now Apparently

I’m a Mac user, and an Xbox One fan, and yet never once have I said to myself that I wanted to play my Xbox One on my Mac. Well apparently now I can play my Xbox One on my Mac if I’m so inclined, if I’m will to go through unofficial avenues.

Streaming from your Xbox One to a Windows 10 machine has been around since 2015, but if you had a Mac, you were S.O.L. However, if you are willing to part with $10 you can give  OneCast a try. Just so you know, the app is completely unofficial and Microsoft can either shut them down or buy out the company out right.

OneCast claims that the app supports 1080p video, easy set up and low lag. They also state that you can use an Xbox One wireless controller connected via USB or Bluetooth.

[Source: OneCast]



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