Oopsy Daisy – Sega Released Yakuza 6 For Free

Earlier today, a demo for Yakuza 6: The Song of Life made its way to the PlayStation Store. No big whoop.

So imagine how surprised gamers were after they downloaded this 30 GB demo only to find out that it wasn’t a demo at all, but actually the full game. This is not as crazy as one would think. Sega actually planed to provide the full game in the demo, but wanted you only to be able to play a small portion of it. If you liked what you saw and purchased the game, all gated content would unlock, without having to re-download the game. That was the theory anyway.

This was caught relatively quickly by Sega, and they pulled the “demo” from the North American PlayStation store. Apparently the European and Australian versions of the demo were the correct versions, so they remained online.

As someone who works in IT, I can say that mistakes like this happen all the time.  I can also guarantee that management probably collectively shit their pants and probably let some poor tech jump through flaming hoops to rectify the situation. Meanwhile the gaming community simply says “meh” and moves on.

Hopefully nobody lost their job over this.

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is due to release April 17.

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