Sorry, But Shenmue III Still Looks Horrible

Sorry about that ‘hot take’ title but, it’s the truth and it pains me to say. I was a Sega fanboy and loved Shenmue 1 & 2 on the Dreamcast, but Shenmue 3 still looks like ass.

Last August, a trailer was shown at Gamescom which many fans and those in the press ridiculed.  Frankly, put, the characters looked like stiff and creepy marionettes. Maybe Yu Suzuki was going for a retro vibe, or perhaps the game was still too early in development.

Six months later at the Magic Monaco event at the Grimaldi Forum, some rapscallion broke the rules and recorded a trailer when he was totally told not to. There was even a disclaimer and everything, but ne’er-do-wells never listen. BEHOLD!

Yup, still looks like ass.

Shenmue III is due out later this year… and it better be cheap.

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