Long Lost Donkey Kong Game Now Playable for the Masses

Devoted Donkey Kong fans rejoice. The long lost Donkey Kong 3: The Great Counterattack can be had by all, provided you don’t mind playing the game via emulator.

There is actually an interesting bit of history behind this title. Back in the early 80’s, Nintendo licensed out some of their franchises to Hudson Soft, which then released versions for Japanese PCs, like the PC-8801. Many of these machines couldn’t replicate the play mechanics of the original hardware, so certain liberties had to be taken.

Over time, intrepid fans were able to get their hands on the majority of these oddball Hudson Soft titles, but Donkey Kong 3: Daigyakushuu (The Great Counterattack) eluded for over 30 years. Then, In December 2017, a group pooled their funds together and purchased a rare version for the Sharp X1 computer and were able to ROM dump the game.

So if your’re a fan, or simply curious, you can finally get your hands on this elusive title, but beware, the game is apparently incredibly difficult, and I can imagine that the years have not been kind.

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