Microsoft’s Mixer Allows Viewers to Buy Games Directly from Livestreams

Microsoft’s answer to Twitch, known as Mixer, has been a quiet success. It’s stable, has entertaining streamers, and its apparently a less toxic environment due to transparent rules on what constitutes harassment, which in this day and age, is quite welcome.

Microsoft has now recently announced that viewers can now purchase games directly from streamer’s feeds. According to the official Mixer blog:

“We consistently hear from gamers that what motivates new game purchases are streamers’ content and recommendations. For many of us, watching a game stream is the best way to discover new games to enjoy or just to see what an older game is all about for the first time. Streamers often recommend games and DLC to their audiences, and we support rewarding them for purchases made based on their recommendation and gameplay. That’s the goal of Mixer Direct Purchase.”

Viewers can purchase games for their PC and Xbox and the streamers themselves get a 5% commission.

[Source: Microsoft]


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