EA Shows Star Wars: Battlefront II ‘Operation Cinder’

A new Star Wars Battlefront II scene was released today, giving fans a small snippet of the ominous sounding “Operation Cinder,” which will surely be part of the main story line for the single player campaign.

What’s Operation Cinder? Thanks to Wookiepedia we know that:

Operation: Cinder was carried out by the Galactic Empire as a means of devastating several Imperial planets in 4 ABY, only a few weeks following the Battle of Endor. The operation was part of the Contingency, a plan devised by Emperor Palpatine to ensure that the Empire and its enemies did not outlive him should he perish. The plan was put into action following the Emperor’s death during the Battle of Endor.

Okay, so that makes sense. Here’s the video.

Love how the red droid thingy hovers over instead of walking, like some kind of phantom. There is something sufficiently creepy about that.

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