The Ataribox is Not Going to be Cheap

Information regarding the Ataribox has been relatively limited lately, but there are a few interesting nuggets to be found in a recent e-mail newsletter from the company.

For what its worth, the console  will ship with an AMD customized processor with Radeon graphics, according to a VetnureBeat interview with Ataribox creator and general manager Feargal Mac Conuladh. “The machine will run the kind of games that a mid-range PC can do today, but it won’t run Triple-A games that require high-end PC performance.”

The machine is also not going to be cheap, with a planned price tag $250-$300 (£185-£225). Fans who are involved in the Indiegogo campaign will also have access to special editions and exclusive pricing, however.

My take, the hardware itself looks beautiful, in all its retro wood goodness, but your $300 will be better spent on a PS4 or Xbox One.

[Source: VentureBeat]

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