We Kind Of Know How Much the Nintendo Switch’s Online Service Costs

One of the things still floating around out there regarding the Nintendo Switch is its paid online service. Today we got some clarity.

We already knew that Nintendo was going to be doing a free monthly game promotion, like Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus. However, unlike Microsoft’s and Sony’s monthly free game offering, which you get to keep, Nintendo snatches it back into it’s cold, greedy, hands. So think of it more as a free loan. People weren’t so happy about that, but whatever, this is Nintendo and they do what they want.

Nintendo has, until recently, been mum on the price for their online service. Both Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus cost $59.99 per year, which is not outrageous. However, the Nintendo Switch offering is  going to be cheaper, according to a Nikkei report.

The upgrades will likely apply to multiplayer online gaming and the library of downloadable classic games, and carry an annual fee of 2,000 yen to 3,000 yen ($17.60 to $26.40). 

Enhanced  online services is something new for Nintendo, but it’s something that gamers have come to expect. Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima was quoted by the Nikkei that “With paid [services], we will be able to fully commit to customers.”

I’m very intrigued to see how well Nintendo pulls this off. If anything, it’s a bargain compared to Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus, but Nintendo’s previous forays online haven’t been the most inspiring experiences.

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