Switch CPU & GPU Specs Revealed, Runs Faster Docked

Nintendo’s January 12 Switch reveal cannot come soon enough. They’ll be able to put some rumors to rest and actually show off games. In the interim, Eurogamer has some more juicy tidbits regarding the the Switch’s specs.

I don’t think anyone was expecting the Switch to be a technical powerhouse, because it isn’t, but the latest details raise some eyebrows. Eurogamer has an excellent write-up detailing and explaining the specs on the upcoming console.

The console’s CPU cores will run at 1020MHz regardless of whether the machine is docked or undocked. So whether you’re docked or on the go, the gaming experience should be consistent. From Eurogamer.com:

The machine’s embedded memory controller runs at 1600MHz while docked (on par with a standard Tegra X1), but the default power mode undocked sees this drop to 1331MHz. However, developers can opt to retain full memory bandwidth in their titles should they choose to do so.

Even while docked, Switch doesn’t run at Tegra X1’s full potential. Clock-speeds are locked here at 768MHz, considerably lower than the 1GHz found in Shield Android TV, but the big surprise from our perspective was the extent to which Nintendo has down-clocked the GPU to hit its thermal and battery life targets.

Yes, I know, Nintendo doesn’t release bleeding edge hardware anymore, they’re about the games, but this seems low. Again, just a rumor, but I can’t help feeling that Nintendo is being overly conservative. I honestly could care less about the specs in the end, as long as Nintendo continues to make compelling games.

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