Nintendo Switch Patent Shows Potential for VR

Nintendo has teased that there will be some exciting stuff announced for the Switch in their big livestream in January. Could one of those big announcements concern virtuality reality?

A sharp eyed NeoGAF user who goes by the name Rösti spotted a bunch of recently posted patents from Nintendo that show that the Switch may very well have some kind of VR support. One needs to dig through the filing a bit before you spot them.

As one can see from the image above, which was taken from the patent filing itself, the Switch VR would act similarly to a Samsung Gear VR. All one has to do is slide the Switch tablet into a headset and BOOM, you got VR.

One shouldn’t bet the farm on patent filings, as they can turn out to be nothing, but there is always the chance that they can turn into something, eventually. It certainly shows that Nintendo is or was considering VR in some capacity.

A Switch VR would certainly be better than the ill-conceived Wii U VR that was never released.

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