Porsche Fans Will See Iconic Brand in More Games Soon

Ever noticed how there’s a lack of Porsches in many mainstream racing games? There’s a reason for that, and you can blame Electronic Arts.

For some time, the iconic German car maker has been locked into a contract with EA. Porches would make an appearance from time to time in franchises other than EA’s Need for Speed series for example, but the cars would only be accessible via DLC for additional cost or you can drive a Ruf, which is an highly tuned unmarked Porsche. It’s complicated.

Speedmaniacs.com (translated via GTplanet.com) has some details on the current status of the EA contract.

“According to Sebastian (of Speedmaniacs.com) they were also always following what was going on in the gaming industry aside from EA. The license with EA runs out this year, because together they arrived at the realization that the current situation was not desirable anymore.”

This has opened up things for Porsche to make an appearance in many more games, in particular Assetto Corsa racing simulators. However, this is not an exclusive deal by any means, as Porsche is no longer interested in getting locked into exclusive deals.

“The relationship also with other game developers will change. After 10 years of absence from pure simulations there is a desire to diversify what is being offered.”

There’s already a smattering of Porsche in Forza Horizon 2 and Forza Motorsport 6 and there have been hints of that the cars may show up in Project CARS and Forza Horizon 3.

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