Developer Insinuates A Big Jump Between Original Xbox One and Scorpio

We’re venturing into massive grains of salt territory here, but rumors and conjecture are fun, so strap in.

Via GamingBolt, Bodgan Iliesiu of Angry Mod Games, which in full disclosure specialize in mobile games, believes that you’re going to see a big difference between games developed specifically for Scorpio versus the original Xbox One.

“…It’s usually easy to pump up the graphics, to take advantage of the extra processing power. If the games are designed for the Xbox One, they’ll look great on Scorpio.”

If it’ll be the other way around, and the games will be pushed to the limits, to look amazing on the Scorpio first, it’ll probably feel like playing on an old laptop, when playing that game on the Xbox One.”

If that’ the actually the case, then the Scorpio sounds like it’ll be pretty impressive, but I don’t think this anything that we didn’t already know.

The proposed specs on the Scorpio are already impressive and if one were to specifically develop and optimize software for those specs, then of course running on anything less will be less than optimal.

Also, I don’t think Microsoft would allow a developer to actually do that as it appears that they are positioning the Scorpio similar to the PS4 Pro. All that can change of course.

With all that said, I wonder how far the Xbox One Scorpio could actually push games technically if compatibility with an original Xbox One was not an issue?

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