Let the Death Stranding Trailer Conspiracy Theories Begin

We’ve had a solid weekend of Death Stranding information. We got a new trailer at the Game Awards 2016 and a panel at the PlayStation Experience 2016. Do we have anything concrete? Of course not, but that hasn’t stopped amateur gaming gumshoes in trying to dissect the trailers for nuggets of information.

Kojima did insinuate that there are clues to be had, so folks have taken up the cause. Whether there is actually anything to decipher, or he’s just sending everyone on a wild goose chase, that’s another story.

One eagle eyed gamer believes that if you play the first trailer at the same time with the latest that they line up in interesting ways that are too similar to be a coincidence.

For example, you’ll see that the baby held by Norman Reedus in the first trailer which then disappears seems to transport itself into the machine held by former Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop in the latest trailer.

COINCIDENCE? I think not.

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