Spencer Hints that Xbox Scorpio Will Have “Premium” Price

So much Nintendo news lately. Here’s a welcomed change up from Microsoft.

According to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, via Gamepur, don’t expect the Xbox Scorpio to be cheap.

“Scorpio will be a premium console. It will cost more than S, obviously, this is how we are building it up. We have not announced the pricing yet, but want to make sure that the investment we are making in the product of Scorpio goes hand in hand with the requirement of high-end consumer and that means a higher price… There is not a single product you see and say ‘this is the product that defines how you are doing in the market’. It really is the repertoire of all products with prices and when we think of Scorpio it is for a high-end consumer who demands the maximum of a console, and the console built to meet that demand.”

I’m not surprised hearing that  Xbox Scorpio will be more expensive than the Xbox One S. We’re also talking about something that is a year away, so the Xbox One S may be less expensive by then anyway.

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