Nintendo Switch Rumors and Speculation from the UK

If you have an appetite for Nintendo Switch information, then you should be following Laura Dale, as she has provided surprisingly reliable information on the console last month. Looks like her sources as still providing juicy tidbits.

According to Dale, UK retailer GAME will have two SKUs of the new console. The basic SKU will retail at £199.99, while a second SKU, with more internal memory and a pack in game will sell at £249.99. Also, Dale’s sources state that additional Switch Pro controllers will sell at £39.99.

Dale claims that Nintendo is pushing for pricing to be comparable between regions. So £249.99 in the UK would translate to $249.99 in the US. Lastly, Dale states that Nintendo is planning to make the console region-free as well. That last bit seems far-fetched, but Dale hasn’t been pretty spot on so far.

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