Xbox Streaming Stick Vaporized

The Xbox Streaming Stick, we never had the chance to get to know you.

Before the 2015 E3 keynotes, there were plenty of leaks and rumors that outed the existence and capabilities of the PS4 Pro as well as the Xbox One Scorpion. Those rumors and leaks both ended up being fairly accurate.

Among those rumors was a small snippet about a so-called Project Hobart from Microsoft. The device would be a Chromecast-like dongle that could stream Windows 10 apps and content from an Xbox One. According to Windows Central, the intriguing little device would retail for $99, but alas, it may never happen.

According to Verge, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella went on a recent cutting spree, killing off various projects, such as a Surface Mini and a rumored device powered by Cortana that would compete against Amazon’s Alexa. Apparently Project Hobart was in this culling.

None of this has been confirmed by representatives from Microsoft, so take this for what its worth.

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